Friday, May 27, 2011

Coffee Cabinet

Coffee Cabinet
Made from a coffee table and discarded hutch
with Wire screening for door "windows"

close up of Coffee Cabinet

Here we go Again...

I know I've done this before...
This blog I mean. I don't know where it went but let's try this again.

My name is Lynn Rollins and I am a small business owner in Oklahoma City.
A small group of other business owners and I have decided it's time to let the world know we are here.
Our businesses are located in the Old Farmer's Market building in downtown OKC not far from
Bricktown. Many people don't know the old building is still there and we want everyone to know it is and we are going strong.

We have many unique and never before seen items because we make them ourselves out of discarded or forgotten items. We consider it the ultimate in recycling. Using items found curb side or on dumpster diving expeditions, things most people don't have the imagination to make into something else. If you can think of it we can create it. Furniture is my main hobby. Creating children's benches out of cribs and china cabinets out of coffee tables and other discarded pieces.

I'm hoping to introduce people to the more creative side to recycling.

Sincerely, Lynn