Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Out There! Anyone Listening?

   I realize I haven't been a real blogger- I haven't yet got the hang of it, plus, my daughter, Clair, has to do all my posting because I'm computer illiterate.
 You must know, however, I'm a lot older than most of you, and I've been at this furniture thing longer than a lot of you. I think I've seen it all and done half of it. I do what I please as long as it pleases me then I move on to something else. Hopefully, I can share some alternate ideas if I get your attention. I want you to know: Do all you can right now while you can, because you never know how soon you won't be able to.
   I'm just the new kid on the blog, but I'm constantly amazed and the number of people who do the same types of things I do. I love the linky parties because I can see so many blog spots from all over. I have so many things to show you, and there's only one of me to make what's in my head...

   We will try to be more forthcoming with our projects and inspirations- there is so much to be done!

    ---- Lynn Rollins

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